Co má v přehrávači...?

Co má v přehrávači Conrad z The Luka State?

The Luka State mají solidně nakročeno k tomu, aby se stali další hvězdnou britskou kytarovkou. Přijďte se přesvědčit 5. května do holešovického Bike Jesus, kde celý večer otevřou Donnie Darko. Mezitím se můžete navnadit playlistem, který v poslední době točí frontman kapely Conrad.

The Reytons – Red Smoke

This is just an all out “having it” banger of a tune. It makes you want to come together in a crowd and smash the room. We toured with them last October and it was awesome to see live too.

Kid Kapichi – Working Man’s Town

I love the lyrics to this song. It’s very lyrically strong and I love it when a writer can paint pictures with their words. Would be an hour to share a stage with these boys.

The Blinders – Brave New World

When this first came out I loved the early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club sound. I love this song. It’s a right moody little fucker. Very powerful. Looking forward to playing with them on the uk festival scene this summer.

Fontaines D.C. – Boys in the Better Land

When this came out it seemed fresh and like a new way of doing guitar music. Working class voices need to be heard. Whether they’re Irish, or from the North of England like us. They’ve kind of started a spoken vocal thing going on at the moment. Hats off to them.

Shame – Concrete

Love the way these guys are able to mix punky vocals with Joy Division spacey guitars. I can just imagine their shows being incredible.

Michaela Klocová

„Šéfová“. V Kids and Heroes od roku 2009.


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