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The Casualties doprovází novou desku klipem o policejním násilí ve Státech
Nekro 19/09/2018 Novinky, Zahraniční

Newyorští streetpunks The Casualties vydali klip k písni 1312, která se objeví na jejich nové desce Written in Blood.

Ta vyjde 26. října a bude první deskou, na které za mikrofonem uslyšíme Davida Rodrigueze. Ten sám k nové písni řekl následující:

“1312 is a song about the police brutality we see everyday and are refusing to accept! I grew up hearing my father say never trust the police. He was a political person working with Mexican migrant workers. The stories he told me are the same I see everyday. Now with cameras everywhere, there is no hiding. Little Brother.” “This is a statement very true to our culture, our way of life, 1312 ACAB! We didn’t grow up watching cops walk old ladies across the street, we grew up watching Rodney King get BEAT, not detained and man handled, fucking BEAT! If normal citizens must pay the price of the ‘long arm of the law’ they can be held accountable for their actions. Anyone of color can be pulled over for being suspicious? Well we can be suspicious of them! 1312 ACAB. With great power comes great responsibility!”

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