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Mäkkelä (fin-de) + Wax Mannequin (can)



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Mäkkelä (fin-de) + Wax Mannequin (can)


Mäkkelä (FIN) & Wax Mannequin (CAN)

With Wax Mannequin and Mäkkelä a very special singer-songwriter package is going to hit the road for a three weeks tour of Europe. After touring Canada together twice, these two equally exceptional and weird solo performers, both with their brandnew albums out on 9pm Records, will do their first joint European tour this year, performing in selected venues across Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. An electrifying, both emotional and entertaining mix of alt-folk, punkrock energy and folk noir about to hit the mainland of Europe.
Since his acclaimed 2015 album „Last Of A Dying Breed“ and about 400 shows all over the continent Mäkkelä has proved to be probably the most unpredictable artist of the genre. And again „Homeland“, the new release, delivers a totally different approach on what they call singer-songwriter. Accompanied by some of the best, young Jazz musicians and a selection of outstanding musicians/friends he met over the past years of touring, Mäkkelä recorded an album oscillating between strange waltzes and odd storytelling mostly on guitar and irish bouzouki. Super-intense folk noir chansons between folk punk attitude and weirdo blues. Bitter-sweet anthems to the shabby sideroads of society, the losers and the stranded, the backyards of life. On some tour shows häkkelä will be accompanied by Czech violinist Pavel Cingl, on some by double bass player Isabel Rössler.
Chris Adeney aka. Wax Mannequin is along with The Burning Hell, Geoff Berner or Shotgun Jimmie one of the most remarkable Canadian ambassadors of a new, contemporary understanding of folk music. An amazing performer and outstanding songwriter with an instinct for great tunes. Between psych-folk, progressive pop and
Canadian songwriter traditions Wax Mannequin built his universe of somber weirdness, strange humor and great musicianship, culminating in his new album „Have A New Name“. A must see! //




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